In a couple days, I'll be a holding a class in the community designed for those experiencing homelessness in Langley. It's an experiment and we hope some of our neighbours in need will join us for this five class series. Each class is a chance to spend a couple of hours in a warm room engaging in the creative process. Creating is a practice with deep roots in my soul and I hope to be able to pass along that joy to others in the community. Those that could use a bright spot in their day, a chance to reflect or a chance to escape for a moment. I cannot imagine the constant stress those living on the streets experience, however, I hope we can share some kindness and light.

Kindness is something that I have been blessed to receive from those in my community. Organizing giving projects has become a passion of mine and I have put several calls out for donations of products needed. The calls have been answered every time and met with such generosity. The Creativity Counts Project has been no different and I couldn't do this trial run without help.

A big thank you to the customers of Clipper Street Scrapbook Company you went above and beyond. Donations of canvases, paint, embellishments, brushes, a cutting machine, paper, toiletries and much more have been dropped off at the store. Another big thank you to Debbie MacLeod, my Sister and one of my biggest supporters. Debbie helped cover the room rental at Timms Community Centre which was wonderful. My brother Brad also donated to cover the cost of the products needed for essentials bags for our guests and other items needed for the class project. I am very fortunate to have a great team that believes in our mission to share kindness with our neighbours in need.

It is easy to pay more attention to all of the bad news out there and forget that there is always good stuff happening. I truly believe there are more good people than bad, that love will always be victorious. I am driven by the belief that when caring individuals come together, magic is made. Thank you to everyone helping with this project and I will keep you updated.

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