Creativity Counts Project

After experiencing the positive impact that creativity has had on my own life, I would like to pay that experience forward and work further to positively impact our local community. For many living their lives on the streets, days are spent in survival mode. When concerned daily with finding shelter, food and meeting other needs these individuals do not often have time for other activities. Engaging in positive, enriching activities are simply not a priority or possibility. By testing out the Creativity Counts project, I am hoping to provide a free/healthy/alternative activity during the daytime hours for people experiencing homelessness in Langley. Through creativity and curated artistic programming, our guests will be empowered to make healthier life choices. This program strives to focus on self-esteem, and development of self through the creative process. While art will not perform miracles, the making of art can be a first step to change. The person creating feels pride, even if for only a moment and it is that moment I would like to build on. The first steps are simply to make these individuals aware of these classes and take it one step at a time.

Those first steps include finding a home for our first five classes and that task was checked off the list yesterday. Thanks to the Timms Community Centre for helping me book a multipurpose room for class usage. A huge thank you to my sister, Debbie MacLeod for covering half the cost of the room rental. Another big thank you to a local crafting event for covering the other half of the rental costs. Having these costs covered means I can focus on sourcing the art supplies needed for the event and purchasing other essential items needed. Since I hope to create an enriching environment for all the artists coming to class, I will be providing healthy snack options before class. Another goal is to have essential items to provide if needed. Creating a culture of acceptance, openness, connection and collaboration is of utmost importance. Our guests will not be defined by their economic/physical circumstances.

The support all of my projects has received has been astounding and I cannot say thank you enough. One of the largest supporter's of these projects has been Clipper Street Scrapbook Co. in Langley. My family owns this store and always strive to help me spread the word about upcoming events. Even more amazing is the outpouring of support from our customers (actually feel more like friends) that always go above and beyond. On Saturday, March 25th 10am-4:30pm there will be an all day crop held at the store to raise funds for this program. Your $10 registration fee will go towards buying art supplies not sourced through donations and other essentials (socks, toiletries, snacks, etc). If you are a crafter and want to spend the day with friends or meet some new ones, check out the Clipper Street website for more info. Hope to see you there!

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