Old Friends

The greatest thing about creativity is the more you use, the more you have. Recently, I brought my camera to the beach and snapped some photo's of a co-worker/friend's wedding ceremony. It was one of the most nerve wracking creative experiences of my life. The bride didn't put any pressure on me, it was all self-imposed. I mean, come on, it's a wedding ceremony and I wanted to do it justice. As a hobbyist or amateur photographer, the lighting (bright sun and shadows/limited light under a pier) was daunting. It was an honour to be there and made me realize what a special job wedding photographers have. My favourite shots were the candid shots I captured and not the posed shots. There is something so beautiful about capturing people when they are expressing their love to one another, whether it is a hug or just a glance. Makes me want to hide out at another wedding or event to capture those candid moments. Now I understand why I love Tara Whitney's photography so much, she captures all of those real moments so well.

Bringing out my "real" camera instead of my iPhone was like reconnecting with an old friend and made me wonder why we lost touch in the first place? Perhaps, it is the convenience of the iPhone? Most likely another case of wanting instant gratification? I had forgotten how fun it was to snap photos with my trusty Canon and how much happier I am with those photos. Last weekend, my family visited Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver for the afternoon. Thankfully, I brought my camera and snapped some great photos of the last flowers of summer blooming beautifully.

#photography #canoncamera #grousemountain #northvancouverbc #creativity #nature #flowers

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