Creativity Counts Project


Through creativity and carefully curated artistic programming, our guests will be empowered to make healthier life choices. This program strives to focus on self-esteem, and development of self through the creative process.

Who We Will Serve:

Non-Profit Organizations that serve members of our community that are in need (individuals experiencing homelessness, at-risk youth and individuals, families)


One of acceptance, openness, connection and collaboration. Our guests will not be defined by their economic/physical circumstances. They will be considered as artists or creatives first.

The Process: 

Classes will be scheduled with the non-profit organization and classes (all supplies) are at no charge to the organization.

To welcome our new artists into a supportive environment where professional artists (on a volunteer basis) enable people to develop their own creative process, which will empower these individuals. It's not the appreciation of the arts, it's the practice and by-products of engaging in this process. These benefits are not limited to individuals experiencing homelessness and applies to all artists. During my thirteen years teaching arts and crafts, I have witnessed the power of the creative process. It lifts the artist's spirit; it builds self-esteem and challenges suddenly do not all seem unsurmountable, thanks in part to raised self-esteem. While art will not perform miracles, the making of art can be a first step to change. The person engaging in the creative process feels pride in their creation, even if only for a moment and that is the moment I would like to build on.

How can you help with this project? 

  • donation of art materials such as; acrylic paints, brushes, surfaces (i.e canvas either stretched or canvas boards, any size), table covers (plastic table cloth, drop cloth, etc)

Donations of art supplies can be dropped of at Clipper Street Scrapbook Co. in Langley.

#105-6360 202 St.


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